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Редакторы отклонили замаскированную классику

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В пяти независимых экспериментах редакторы отклонили от печати классические произведекния литературы, представленные, как сочинения неизвестных авторов.

Can the publishers recognize a reputable work of genius when the famous name is detached from it? During a period of over a century several people, apparently independently, decided to check.

The first of these experiments [1] performed an anonymous correspondent of St. James’s Gazette back in 1887. Afterward some other newspapers identified him with the poet Robert Buchanan. The experimenter copied John Milton’s poem "Samson Agonistes," re-titled it ’Like a Giant Refreshed,’ and sent it out to five publishers pretending to be the author. Three of the publishers rejected the poem giving the following reasons

The market is now so flooded with sensational stories in shilling form that it is questionable whether yours would find its way to the bookstalls

In ’Like a Giant Refreshed’ we find writing in our opinion equal to the best of the minor poets (if you will pardon our saying so), but nothing to promise a sale.

We have, however, already made out our list of new books for the coming season

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